With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is getting their lists ready for the best gifts. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to find the perfect present, especially if someone seems to have everything already. It gets doubly hard when your special someone The mystery around the Christmas season is great, but if your struggling to find the perfect gift for the technology addict in your life, here’s Secure Data’s gifts for the technology junky in your life!

Mophie Juice Pack Access

undefinedA dying phone can make or break someone's day. Whether people need to use a maps app to  get home or call for a ride, phones are an integral part of our life. If there’s no place to plug in a phone, but people need a quick charge, then the Mophie Juice Pack can solve that problem. This portable battery works just like a standard phone case, keeping phones safe and charged. The case can even give phones up to an additional fifteen hours of audio or five hours of video.

Topvision Mini ProjectorTopVision

Sharing a movie is a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones. However, sometimes people want to watch a film or video together or even taking a WebEx or Zoom call on the go without access to a TV or conference room kit. Huddling around a phone is uncomfortable for everyone involved, but the Topvision Mini Projector is the solution. It has a great picture, connects to phones and computers, and has a clear sound.

Cisco Headset 700 Series

730 HeadphonesWorking at home or while traveling can be challenging, especially with a bad set of headphones. The Cisco Headset 700 Series solves that issue easily and comfortably. These headphones feature clear voice technology, enterprise-grade security, and adaptive noise cancellation. With crystal clear audio and a comfortable design, these headphones are perfect for wherever the user needs them. They make a great gift for the guy or gal who spends quite a bit of their work day on calls.

Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face TrackingBelkin

We are all guilty of trying to watch a video or movie while doing something else. Whether it be cooking or cleaning while on a call or reaching an important part of the movie, it can be hard to stay up to date with what’s going on while still doing work. The Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount solves that problem easily. This phone mount is magnetic, able to hold even the heaviest phones up with ease. With added facial recognition technology, the base can follow the user, making sure the video stays in the perfect position.

Tile Pro

Losing essential items is a part of the human experience. Whether it be a set of Tile Prokeys or, even worse, a wallet, sometimes items seem to grow legs and walk away. So how are we supposed to find them? The Tile Pro is the solution. The Tile Pro is small, durable, waterproof, and Bluetooth accessible gadget used to help users find their items with ease. The app installed on the user’s phone narrows in on the Tile Pro, giving you the item's location when it would be otherwise missed. Although, it can’t really help find the phone if that gets lost first!

Bartesian Premium Cocktails

BartesianAfter a long day at work, everyone could do with a cocktail on demand. The Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker solves that problem by offering intelligent drink making, allowing users to mix up sours, old fashions, margaritas, and more. All that needs to be added are the specialty-made pods and the alcohol of choice. If alcohol isn’t a user’s forte, the machine also has the ability to make mocktails, such as Shirley temples.

Logitech StreamCam

A good camera is a perfect way to stay up to date with family, business partners, or live stream games. The Logitech StreamCam is there for whatever the user needs.

Logitech StreamCAm

It promises a crisp 1080p stream, facial tracking, autofocusing, and even smart exposure to ensure the user always looks their best. In addition, the camera can be flipped to allow photos or videos and is even tripod useable, letting users take the camera wherever they need it.

Voch Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

VochThis speaker doubles as a bedside or table lamp. The Voch Night Light Bluetooth Speaker offers a great sound and six different color settings. So if the user likes reading at night or listening to music while working, this device is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. It can even work outside but try not to leave it out in the rain.

Govee Smarter Heater with WiFi & Bluetooth

With winter coming into season, the weather is only going to get colder. The bestGovee way to stay warm when it’s snowing outside is with a heater. The Govee Smarter Heater connects to users’ phones, allowing them to preheat it, set the heater to the perfect temperature, and more. Working at only 45 decibels, just under standard background music volume, this heater is quiet and  also has the ability to turn on and off on a schedule, making this heater is perfect for warming up on a winter day. By connecting it to something such as the Amazon Smart Plug, users can also use their Echoes to start their heaters with voice commands.

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

While hot coffee is the best part of manEmbery peoples’ day, it can be hard to keep our drinks heated up to perfection when we are all on the go. The Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug can help us with this. It can be placed on a portable, heated base, allowing us to choose the perfect temperature for our favorite drinks. Our marketing manager swears her coffee stays hot even if she leaves the office for the lunch hour!

Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful for gift-giving. These gifts are perfect for anyone from an office professional to an at-home worker to the average tech geek. With ingenious solutions to common problems, these gift ideas will make any giftee happy, be it family, friends, or coworkers.