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Why Secure Email Gateways are an Essential Part of Your Security Plan

Email is the number one communication method in business today. There are 306.4 billion emails sent each day, with business emails taking up 124 billion of those. While email is great for…

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Fishing vs Phishing: 8 Tips for Spotting a Phishing Email

For many of us, learning to fish was an absolute must when we were young. Baiting your hook, running your lines, and of course, taking the fish off the hook. It was all innocent and fun. But now…

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What is Offloading and What Should You Know About It?

Around 96% of Americans have a mobile phone in their pocket, and a whopping 81% of those are smartphones. Whether it be a smartphone, flip phone, or even a Ladybug, technology is rapidly evolving to…

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