It's safe to say that if you work in an office, you're using at least one Microsoft application. Whether that's checking your email via Outlook, drafting memos in Word or collaborating with teammates via Teams, Microsoft applications are a staple for businesses large and small. Microsoft 365 has a number of productivity package for every size company. But understanding the license levels and what will work best for your organization could be a challenge. Businesses with under 300 users are best suited for Microsoft 365 for Business (for more info, check out our recent blog.) But for businesses of 300 and above, you can reap the benefits of Microsoft 365 Enterprise licenses which includes programs for every need:  quiz builders, PowerPoint creators, and even a program designed to do your most daunting math problems. Let's take a look at the licensing levels and give you a leg up on choosing the right package for your teams.  Microsoft 365 Enterprise License Breakdown

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is for companies of 300+ people, however smaller companies can purchase the packages. The added benefits of Enterprise packages are the inclusion of security measures that are put in place, such as advanced threat protection and Azure. It should also be noted that not all packages are created equal. So let's jump into the different subscriptions and what is, and isn't, included.

What is included in Microsoft 365 Enterprise?  

Depending on your needs, Microsoft 365 Enterprise has three options. All three packages either include or partially include productivity apps, storage, task management, and intranet. Threat and information protection may be included in all these packages, as well. Lastly, Microsoft offers 24/7 phone support for all issues you may have. The prices listed are current as of July 30, 2020, and are charged on an annual subscription basis.   

The most inexpensive package is Microsoft 365 F3, with a price of $10/user/month. This subscription package is the most minimalistic of all the packages. Much like the basic Microsoft 365 for Business Package, there are no desktop productivity apps, no calling capabilities, no analytics, no advanced threat protection, and no data loss prevention or security.  

Microsoft 365 E3 is next at $32/user/month. This package is good for businesses that want the additional functionality of desktop productivity apps, core security, and compliance capabilities at an affordable price. While this package doesn’t include calling capabilities or advanced threat protection, it does include tools like MyAnalytics and data loss prevention 

In terms of functionality, security and collaboration, the Microsoft 365 E5 package is built to give the user a multitude of tools at their fingertips. An E5 license checks in at $57/user/month and as you would expect includes the most resources for the user. It includes calling capabilities, advanced analytics with MyAnalytics and Power BI Pro, advanced threat protection, and advanced compliance to name a few benefits this package offers.  

What Isn’t Included on This List?  

You might be surprised to hear that Microsoft doesn’t have all of their packages included on their Enterprise page. Three Microsoft 365 Enterprise packages are ‘hidden’: Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, and Office 365 E5 

Office 365 E1 is essentially the enterprise version of the Microsoft 365 Business Basic. At the low cost of $8/user/month, users get Exchange, OneDrive, Skype, and SharePoint. There are no downloadable desktop apps included in this subscription 

Similar to an E1 license, Office 365 E3 is the enterprise version of Microsoft 365 Business Premium. At $20/user/month, Office 365 E3 includes ithe same apps and services Office 365 E1, but adds downloadable desktop apps, and archiving apps.  

Last but certainly not least is Office 365 E5. This package is the middle ground between all of the apps. It has all of the same apps and offers as the Microsoft 365 E5 package, but without the threat and information protections and Azure. At an agreeable $35/user/month, this package is perfect for businesses that want the utility of Microsoft 365 E5 without the price tag.  

How do I Choose?  

While Microsoft 365 for Business has a roof for how many users you can add to your subscription, Microsoft 365 Enterprise does not. There is no limit on how many employees a business has, so any size business, small to large, can sign up for one of the enterprise packages. It's important to note, that you can mix and match your licenses per user to ensure that you're effectively managing access to applications and tools in a cost effective manner.  Different business units may need different functionalities. The flexibility of choosing the right license for each user allows you to customize your licensing as needed.

With the added benefit of Microsoft separating packages, customers have the option to mix and match the packages they want. Different employees have different needs; some might just need the productivity apps while others need the added security of apps such as Microsoft 365 E5. 

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Finding the right business package for your company can seem confusing. If you have to weigh the price vs. the utility, always go for utility. If you're still unsure, Secure Data would be happy to help make the choice less confusing. We are a certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider which gives you access to our upgraded SLA's at no additional charge. You can download our Microsoft CSP brochure above or read more here to learn more about the benefits of having a CSP on record.